Combined with MARS Merchant System
Help you make more revenues

Smart Payment
So Éasy! 

From small shops to chainstores, you can now accept

card, QR, mobile phone and cash payments

with SPECTRA SoéPay POS solutions designed to help you make more revenues

Annual fee, Account opening fee FREE *

From 1.2% for QR and 1.5% for card per successful transaction.

* Approval is required, please contact customer service to understand.

Flexible in -store solutions
for seller

SoéPay's products and solutions are suitable for all walks of life to receive credit card, QR code, mobile payment and cash. Expand your business with one phone in hand!

SmartPOS – Reliable, secure, all-in-one

Still fancy swiping cards? SmartPOS is your go-to credit card machine for your business, with seamless payment and receipt-print functions

SoftPOS - A simple way to accept contactless and QR Payments

SoftPOS app works with your Android mobile or tablet to accept contactless and QR payments. Just one mobile phone, no hardware needed

Security and compliance at its core

We hear you. SoéPay solutions meet the industry certification standards to help mitigate the potential risks and keep every transaction safe. All of our products and solutions are complied with the below standards

Payment acceptance for any business

Retail stores, bazaars, weekend markets, service providers, O2O shops, no matter where and when you need to accept payments, we have the tools and services that you need to grow your business


All you need is 10 minutes to start

Want to get started? All you need to do is to create your account, apply and submit supporting documents in-app or online in 10 minutes


Accepting payment types that you could think of

SoéPay takes payments including contactless, chip cards, QR codes and mobile wallets. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Union Pay, Alipay, WeChat Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, you name it


Transaction history and data

View and manage all your data from transaction details, inventory and reports in-app or via the Merchant & Acquirer Revenue System (MARS) dashboard that comes with the plan. For free