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“Mastercard is thrilled to join forces with Spectra to further expand the Mastercard Tap on Phone acceptance network with the launch of the new SoePay solution, which provides safe, fast and secure contactless payments that meet consumers’ everyday needs. The Mastercard Sonic feature is also applied to SoePay, which accompanies payments with a sound that indicates cardholders’ have successfully made their payments. The new partnership is in line with Mastercard’s ongoing commitment to promote contactless payments across the city and to support the local SMEs’ future development through digitalization.”
Managing Director, Hong Kong and Macau, Mastercard
Helena Chen
“Visa is excited to partner with SoePay to enable off-the-shelf ‘Tap to Phone’ mobile devices to accept contactless payments without additional hardware in Hong Kong. More than seven in ten of all face-to-face Visa transactions are contactless. This new low-cost and simple solution will help micro, small and medium-sized businesses stay competitive on their digital transformation journeys.”
Maaike Steinebach
General Manager, Visa Hong Kong and Macau
Maaike Steinebach

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